Copyrights and Conditions Erdee Media BV* (Nederlands)

* In the event of discrepancies or ambiguity between the original Dutch version of these Copyrights and Conditions and this translation, the Dutch text shall prevail.

update: Apeldoorn, 13 May 2015

The website is part of Erdee Media BV in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. These conditions apply to the relationship between the publisher Erdee Media BV and each user of this website. You accept these conditions by using this website.

Articles, photographs, videos and design (including logos) of the printed newspaper, of this website and any other expression of it, whatever its medium, are protected by copyrights and database rights, which belong to Erdee Media BV or third parties deployed by them. Erdee Media BV reserves these rights explicitly. It is prohibited to copy them in printed or digital form or to forward them without the explicit permission of the editor-in-chief.

If you desire to copy parts of this website, please submit your request to the editor-in-chief. Please indicate which item you are interested in (article/photograph, number, author, date of publication), and mention the name and nature of your medium (printed, digital), the number distributed or the number of unique visitors. For reproduction of articles in their entirety, Erdee Media BV applies rates based on the market value of the content, which amounts to € 0.36 per word.

Requests to reproduce content from freelancers and other copyright holders will be referred to the individuals concerned.

Placement of hyperlinks on the Internet
Placement of hyperlinks to (parts of) this website is permitted, only if the following rules are observed:

  • It is permitted to copy text excerpts from this website, only if a hyperlink to the original article has been added, if the excerpt consists of no more than 50 words, if the article’s heading has been copied and if the excerpt is accompanied by clear source references.
  • It is permitted to make thumbnails to photographs of this website, if the copyrights on these photographs belong to Reformatorisch Dagblad, if a hyperlink to the accompanying article from this website has been added, and if the thumbnail is accompanied by the source reference “Reformatorisch Dagblad”. The thumbnail should not exceed the size of 3x4 centimetres at common screen resolutions. If photographs are copied the rights of which belong to third parties, this is done entirely at your own expense and risk, and you indemnify Erdee Media Groep against possible claims from third parties with respect to this usage.
  • It is not permitted to use forms of hyperlinks by which the user may be misguided or confused about the source of the information. Examples include framed linking and inline linking.

Letters from readers, photographs and placement of content on the website

Readers who send in letters or photographs for publication, who post responses on this website or who supply other content for publication, retain their own copyrights. By sending it in or by posting it, you give Erdee Media BV a non-cancellable permission (a license) for an indefinite period of time to publish the content supplied by you, and to reproduce it both in printed and digital form, possibly in adapted form. This permission also comprises the right to save the content in a database and/or publish it in one of the (digital) publications of Erdee Media BV. Moreover, Erdee Media BV holds the right to sublicense this license to third parties.

You are personally responsible and accountable for the content you supplied. You are not permitted to post or send in any photographs without permission from the copyright holder (photographer) and, if applicable the persons portrayed. You indemnify Erdee Media BV against all damage and costs that Erdee Media BV suffers or pays in relation to possible claims from third parties with respect to this content which you have posted or sent in.

External agreements
Erdee Media BV has made agreements with Pictoright as to the publication rights of visual artists who are members of a Cisa-organisation. Agreements have been made with Clip with respect to reproducing the content of Erdee Media Groep for the purpose of clipping services and collections of clippings.

Erdee Media BV reserves the right to change these conditions. The date of the most recent update is stated above.

The information which can be found on this website, has been compiled with great care. Still there may be mistakes in the information. If you find a mistake, please report this using the contact form. No rights whatsoever can be derived from the content of this website.

Erdee Media BV cannot be held responsible and/or accountable for any mistakes/shortcomings in the information they have provided.

Links to other websites
On this website you may find a number of links to other websites. Erdee Media BV is not responsible and/or accountable for the content of these websites.